Is Kate toxic?

Given Kate's lack of interest in the boys and her outright poor treatment of Joel, the preference for Hannie (yuckie babyish nickname), knobgate, gumgate, and the Jabba the Hutt performance during the dressup show just to name a few, is Kate toxic to her kids at this point? Is she narcisstic or just immature and selfish or both?


iluveeyore said...

I vote for all three -- narcissistic, immature, and selfish.

I think all of those kids -- especially Mady, Joel, and Hannah -- will spend many years on the couch. I hope they can afford it... and I hope they treat Kate the way Kate treats her mother.

Anonymous said...

I have no doubt that Kate is all; narcisstic, selfish, and immature. She's constantly screwing those kids over for absolutely no reason. "Pleading 8" doesn't excuse you from treating your children like objects. The manner in which she dresses them (all alike) betrays her feelings about their individuality. Dressing six children alike, tups or not, will always get stares and Kate knows that. She expects it. During her little parade down the street for fourth of July, she was begging for someone to notice her. What the hell is the point of taking matched kids to a parade where you know there will be candy and then not let them eat a few pieces. Why let them collect the candy? If I were so hardcore against sugar, I'd have my kids sit there and leave it for kids who CAN eat it. But, part of the glory for Kate is when she gets her martyr on about what she feeds her children.

I could go on and on...I just stumbled across your blog.