I Feel Sorry for Mady

Mady seems like the kind of person who would thrive being an only child, or perhaps just one of two. Not because she is an attention whore or spoiled or bratty, but she strikes me as very smart and would probably love to be involved in various projects all the time if she had an adult willing to lead the way.

She'd be the kind of kid who would love working on her Science Fair project and would spend weeks getting it totally awesome... if an adult had the time to sit with her and give a little focused guidance. When she gets older, she'd probably be the type who would love to work little odd jobs to save up money for Space Camp in the summer. She would probably enjoy getting involved in local politics or volunteer work, she would probably earn a bunch of badges if she were a Girl Scout and sell a bunch of cookies, etc., etc... in other words, she could probably go as far as an adult would be willing to lead her.

Only she is stuck in a gaggle of other kids with a narcissistic, self-absorbed mother and an ineffectual father, followed by cameras constantly, dragged around the country, and constantly marginalized, demeaned, dismissed, and badmouthed right in front of her.

I feel sorry for Mady.


Rkwrite said...

I feel sorry for Mady also. She is a bright, interesting little girl, with the ability to see what is going on around her more clearly than others in that home, including her parents. Her comments show insight that is far beyond her years. I really like this child. I wish her parents liked her too, instead of constantly putting her down, and painting her as a brat.

laura linger said...

She's the coolest kid. I have always been a huge Mady fan. And oh, her mother just cannot stand her. She really hates that kid, her "soul" notwithstanding.

Fast forward ten years, please, when Mady is a teenager. Should be interesting to see, especially since Mady can really put Kate in her place.