The Crazies Are All Over the Place

It is obvious from the links on this site that there are dozens of fanatics out there who are worshipping the Gosselins. (These links exist. You might have to join Facebook to access them... or find them on Google.)

The contributors to this site easily found those blogs. The links on YouTube are too numerous to link to.

If I were Jon or Kate, I'd be extremely upset that my kids have become internet personalities. I would want to get off the TLC treadmill as quickly as possible and try to return to a normal life.
And NO, their life isn't anywhere near "normal" at this time. It's really too bad that the children have become "used to" the tv people, but they seem to have lost a lot of people* in their short lives, and I'm sure they would cope.

*Grandma Kreider, friend Susan, et al.

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PineappleHair said...

It seems to me that these children are being exploited for monetary gain by the parents. They shouldn't allow their children to be given baths on camera, nor should they be telling the world that their young daughter sleeps alone in the basement! There's just too many lunatics and perverts out there!

And their twin daughter, Mady, is always shown in such a negative light because her tantrums and bratty behavior seem to be all that is focused on. I'm sad for her and I think it's ridiculous that her parents would put her in this position.