A "Want" is Not a "Need"

Submitted for publication via email by TR.

I've been seeing a lot of people saying the Gosselins NEED an 8000 SF, multi-million-dollar home. Jon and Kate themselves claim that it just isn't "feasible" for them to buy an existing home or pay to renovate one.

Really? Let's see what some other families of multiples "need", shall we? ...continued


Serena said...


Submitted for publication via email by TR.

I've been seeing a lot of people saying the Gosselins NEED an 8000 SF, multi-million-dollar home. Jon and Kate themselves claim that it just isn't "feasible" for them to buy an existing home or pay to renovate one.

Really? Let's see what some other families of multiples "need", shall we?

Children: 2 sets of twins and 1 set of sextuplets
Home: 3000 SF, 6 bedrooms, on 1 acre
Cost: $335K

Children: 1 set of sextuplets
Home: 4 bedrooms, barely 1/4 acre
Cost: $132K

Children: 1 set of septuplets and 1 singleton
Home: 4833 SF, 5 bedrooms, barely 1/2 acre
Cost: $381K

As you see, a HOM family is not automatically some unique entity that has unique NEEDS which cannot possibly be satisfied by an existing home, or even by renovating an existing home, as Jon and Kate Gosselin would have you believe is the case.

HOM families can live quite well without NEEDING a multi-million-dollar 8000 SF horse ranch with pool and pool house on 12 acres.

Three-fourths of that $1.9M could be put away in savings or investments to save for the future (college or cars perhaps?) for their large family. They could get a nicer $400K house and be quite happy like many many people are.

Or better yet, live in the nice one they have, get jobs, turn off the cameras and get therapy for Kate to find out why she's never satisfied with anything she has and why she feels the need to get more and more expensive status symbols to fill some emptiness that will never get filled until SHE changes herself.

meghan said...

Why save that money for cars when you'll get them for free in 12 years?

Reading all this about J&K just burns me up inside.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about Gosselin vehicles just last night. For a super greedy we-must-have-it-all-now family, they have been driving the same vans for some time.

I bet they keep those vans for camera purposes because it would look too suspicious on camera if they suddenly got two new vehicles.

Anonymous said...

OK, this is how it works. Kate will be standing one day outside the house in front of the van, and next she's saying "Uchhh, this van's is getting too cramped for us. The kids are getting too big for it, there's not enough room." That's the setup. Then, within the next 3/4 expisodes afterwards, you'll see a fully-equipped, gleaming new 75-ft motor home with all the bells and whistles, and Kate will be heard commenting: "Oh my, we just came out one morning for the paper, and there it was!" Fade to black.

Renee said...

I bet they keep those vans for camera purposes because it would look too suspicious on camera if they suddenly got two new vehicles.

If they got a new car they'd make it an episode probably but that would never fly now, no way. This talk about cars got me thinking that when the time comes the twins and 3 separate pairs of sextuplets- maybe two that decided they especially trusted each other- could get together and save money for a car as a team and then Jon and Kate could match them fifty percent. That's what parents who know what it is to work hard for a living (and who teach that to their children) do. I don't have kids but that's how I would approach the situation. I would also make them get hybrids, it's the least they can do to reduce their brood's carbon footprint. It would be nice to see J&K parent effectively for once and hopefully in the near future they'll start to.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about Gosselin vehicles just last night. For a super greedy we-must-have-it-all-now family, they have been driving the same vans for some time.

Actually those vans are at most 4 years old if they were donated after the tups were born. They are just the only cars the viewing public have ever seen. For all we know though they are shopping for new vans, or maybe just shopping for a new donation.

Ravello said...

I can appreciate the KONS would like a little more space but if need be they would be fine in their current home. Maybe use the space more wisely.

Or they could put an addition on the back of the current house pretty easily.

Or they could look for another home and make a modest move up, 50, 75 or even 100 K more than the house they have now.

But of course these options are not good enough for this royal couple.

They want an estate, something a little nicer than that 1.9 million dollar shack they looked at in Virginia.

And they don't even have jobs.

We have done well in life, through education, hard work, making sound financial decisions and living below our means. Our kids observed the value of hard work, education, etc.

What will the KON's planned luxury existence in NC teach the G kids?

Jon K said...

Having come back from a vacation in E-Town just a few weeks ago, and having driven past the Gosselin's home, I can honestly say that at least at that time, they still had the same two vans parked in front of the house (I understand they were in Hawaii while we were out there).

Now, it's entirely possible they have a third, bigger vehicle that was used to go to the airport, but I seem to recall in a previous episode in which they went to the airport that they got some kind of shuttle service to bring them there (presumably so nobody would have to pay to park the van in long-term parking).


Anonymous said...

Think back to just 40 or 50 years ago. MANY families were much larger than the typical 2.2 kids that is the "norm" nowadays, and lived in MUCH smaller homes. My mother is one of six children, her mother is one of ten. And my mother and her family of 8 grew up in a 1000 sqft home. Her mother and her family of twelve grew up in a 1500 sq foot home, and it was considered to be a "large" home! I am shocked at the G's attitude towards the house they have now. Larger families than theirs have happily grown up in smaller homes than the one they have now! Has anyone ever heard of someone dying from a small house? LOL! The way they act about it, you would think living in a house they deem too small is like living with a horrible disease.

AmandaT said...

It's fairly simple. Turn out the camera crew, and suddenly there will be more space in the perfectly adequate house!

Anonymous said...

I think it's a case of having to move when you've worn out your welcome.

Steph said...

My mom (and her three sisters) lived in a ONE bedroom home with a bathroom/shower in the unfinished basement. The girls all slept in the attic. When my parents bought the house, my mom had to winterize the porch and add a bathroom just to live there with my dad because it is so small!
The urban assault vehicle the Gosselins drive is easily 40K and they claim on their website that they bought it themselves, for what that's worth. I wouldn't be in any hurry to trade it in, because they are not going to get what they want for it now. Mileage is what is important to most families, and a 12 passenger van is not really easily sold anymore. I have no idea what kind of miles they put on it, but it should last another few years.
I think most "regular families with two kids" are done donating to the Gosselins. The tups are four and they are CHOOSING not to work. They are not nearly as sympathetic of figures as they were when the babies were little.
Call me bitter, but one of the larger domestic violence shelters in Kansas City is closing because they lack funding, and other charities are struggling in this economy. I think there are many people who need help more than the non-tax deductible Gosselins.

Becca said...

That house is NOT too small for their family, and if it is, do what most normal people do: renovate. finish the basement, turn the garage they don;t park a car in into an actual room, or add a family room on the back.

Anonymous said...

Like the majority here, I was a fan, searched for the truth, found it, and alas love GWOP... It's killing me to see all this. I work full time, my husband works 365 days a year, for the last 5 years. Oh and he goes to school part-time while the kids are in school. We haven't vacationed more than one night (within a two hour driving distance, so hubby can go to work and come back in the middle of the night)in 9 years.. While I get that having 8 kids is hard, but why can't others who like the majority here, cut a break like them? I also agree with a poster above, donate to shelters! At least those receiving the donations are actually grateful! I work in non-profit, and I can tell you first hand how grateful those who receive them are. Enough with KON!

mlou said...

I agree they should be happy in the home they have, it's alot better than alot of people have.
The tups bedrooms look plenty big enough to accomodate them. Their basement has plenty of room if they wanted to add a bathroom, etc.
Their backyard would probably be sufficient if Kate ever lets them actually go out. I would tell Kate LESS IS MORE!!!

Anonymous said...

little ot,

but it just grated my nerves when kate said,

"just imagine those families with one baby, they just grab the kids pacy and go"

Am I the only one annoyed by that?

Travis said...

anonymous said...
little ot,

but it just grated my nerves when kate said,

"just imagine those families with one baby, they just grab the kids pacy and go"

Am I the only one annoyed by that?

Uh, no. I was just thinking about that today actually. She said it like mothers of singletons don't have to plan anything. Granted, I do not have or need an emergency supply kit in my car, but we still have to pack things. Ugh...

Steph said...

Kate CHOSE to have the life she does. If everyone else CHOSE that life, no one would have any money to contribute to HER family. She needs to stop talking down to the people with "one or two kids" because...those are the ones paying her Medicaid bills and watching the show.

Anonymous said...

I know a family that had 8 kids and had 3 bedrooms in the house. The parents were in 1 room, 3 girls in another and the 5 boys in the 3rd bedroom. And there was only 1 bathroom. They had 1 family car that could not fit them all in it. This was in the 90's also.

Kate needs to get off her high horse and think about going back to work when the kids are in school which will be soon!

Anonymous said...

So by Kate's standards, every person needs about 800 square feet of space to make a house big enough. By that standard, my family of six should be living in a 4800 square foot house. Funny thing though. We actually live in an 1100 square foot house and we are doing ok. Sure it would be nice to have a bit more space, but at least with a small house, you are always near each other, which is a nice thing when they are small.

Anonymous said...

The urban assault vehicle the Gosselins drive is easily 40K and they claim on their website that they bought it themselves, for what that's worth.

This mom of five under age 4 would LOVE to buy the gosselin van! We have an '04 Grand Caravan, but fitting 5 carseats in it is close to impossible. But this HOM family lives a private life.....

FWIW, we live in a 1525 SF house, and we are eventually going to finish the basement wich will give us 2200 SF, and we are fine.

I want for nothing (but a larger van!)

Anonymous said...


It's me again, mom of the spontaneous quads.

We live in what is pretty much a war town, built up around the shipyard. Our house is slightly older, a bungalow built in 1930. We bought it because it was what we could afford. Remember the days when they were looked down on and all those glorious victorians were being chopped up into apartments?
Today houses like ours are coveted, and we could probably not afford to buy one like it now.

Ours is a little unusual in that the front sunporch runs only half the house. You come in the front door onto the sunporch, then down a step into the living room.

Another thing that is different in ours is that rather than a central staircase to the second floor (which was unfinished when we bought, pre kids), the stairs are off the kitchen, behind a door. The second floor was just an attic.

We turned that into our master, with some built ins under the eaves and a 1/2 bath. One end was bedroom, the other a dressing room like area.

First floor had two bedrooms and full bath. One of those br's we used as a guest room, the other a den.

When the kids came the den became a very cramped nursery and we slept in the guest room. As the kids grew the one time master became the boys rom, sort of dorm style, and with much planning we figured in a small shower. Den turned nursery became our daughter's room, guest room became our room.

The upstairs, running the length of the house provided plenty of room for 3 twin captains beds, the other end held desks - and a couch for those times when any one of the boys wanted to feel like he had just a little more privacy.

Our kitchen held a very small table, so meals were in the dining room.

More space would have been nice, another bath would have been golden, but the fact was we were so in love with our house we didn't want to leave it. I still never want to leave it.

Today we are back to master upstairs. We have a den again, and a guest room. Most frequent guests are grands, so two of those captains beds are in there.

Finishing off the cellar was never an option, since one wall is actual ledge that had to be built around. The great thing about that ledge is that what could be several buildable lots next door to us (we are on the end of a dead end street) are woods, because that ledge runs underneath.

So, our house was small, but overflowed with charm (built in china cabinets, love them) and the woods were a wonderous playground.

Everyone wants these bungalows now, wants to re-hab. Aside from finishing off the attic we have left ours untouched - it is as we got it from the original owners who had it built. I still have a claw foot tub, my stove is original and, knock wood, still going strong. When the fridge had to be replaced we went retro. Yes, I did give in on a dishwasher, but you can get panels for them - ours is the same beadboard as the rest of the cabinetry.

Those country sinks that are so back in today? Perfect for baths through toddlerhood which made things easier. Daughter in the sink, all three boys in the big old clawfoot.

I was incredibly lucky in that my husband worked in produce. He pulled three sixteen hour days away from home, otherwise worked from home gathering orders and preparing billing. His at home days I worked nights, waiting tables. No benefits but good money.

I have to own up to seeking assistance once, when our daughter needed a spinal fusion for scoliosis. Otherwise we were extraordinarily lucky, one tonsilectomy, and an uncle who was a dentist. In fact, I did not know until he retired from practice 5 years ago just how much dentists costs. It was not just my family he took care of, he refused payment from all family members.

I can honestly say that retirement is not something we think will ever come to pass. I can also honestly say that there is a lot of guilt over the b'day and Christmas gifts we can now give the grands, when their parents did not have the same amount spent on them when they were kids.

To anyone with kids, multiples or otherwise, remember this: a Christmas Club is your best friend.

Anonymous said...

Remember when Kate was shown on a video camera in the old house talking about her job not being very glamorous "but it's very rewarding"?

I just realized what she meant!
The rewards included, a remodeled house, nurse, health care costs, clothes, food, baby furniture, car seats, Juicy Juice, expensive restaurant dinners, teeth whitening, cash, diapers, lotions, powders, wipes, cash, Utah trip, American Girl trip, tummy tuck, Dutch Wonderland trip, cash, Chocolate Factory tour, piano, violin, cash, nanny, chef, hairplugs, new house, cash, North Carolina beach house trip, Hawaii, clothing, Crayola Factory, toys, cash, cash, cash, cash, cash.

Jon just justifies everything by categorizing it all under the premise of "I'll do anything for my children. Whatever it takes." In effect, he's blaming he and Kate's bad behavior on the kids.

Every time they accepted a donation that they didn't need, they took food, clothing, or shelter from someone who truly needed it. I wonder what God thinks about that?

Anonymous said...

but let's remember, if TLC is building you the house free and clear, why wouldn't you want 8000 sf?

If someone else was footing the bill I'd take the big house too.

and I don't think 800 sf per person is all that large.

but then again I have a family of four living in 5000 sq ft house.

Anonymous said...

Mom of Quads, What is a Christmas Club?

Anonymous said...

A good friend of mine lives in a house with seven kids. No, it's not eight like Queen Kate and Her Awesomely Cute But Unfortunate and Very Clean Clan (Oh Yeah, and Her Husband Jon) but that puts their househould count to nine people. A two year old, a five year old, an eight year old, fourteen year old twins, a sixteen year old, and an eighteen year old still living at home.

Now, their parents are some of the greatest people I have ever met. They are sweet and kind, yet witty and sarcastic as well (in the best possible way.) They don't have it easy with money. The father has a modest job and the mother is a stay at home mom for now. Now, if they lived like QK&HACBUAVCC(OAHHJ) (also abbreviated as J&KP8), they would have probably about a 7,200 SF house. Guess what they have?

An apartment.

The girls share one room (except the two year old, who still sleeps in a crib with her parents. As she gets older, she'll move out.) That would be a five year old, eight year old, fourteen year old, and sixteen year old. They don't complain. They have four beds in a modest sized room, all bunched together. They each have their own spaces to decorate, from Hannah Montana to David Bowie to Panic! At The Disco. They have a computer in their room, which is sometimes used for MySpace and sometimes ToonTown. The two boys (fourteen and eighteen) have two rooms, because they do not get along at all. Once the eldest moves out, the older girls will get to share a room and the younger ones will share the other. That is the upstairs. Downstairs they have a living room, a kitchen, the master bedroom, two closets, a bathroom and a small entryway. All filled with toys, not the cleanest, but not dirty, either. The entryway is also used as the laundry room. Their mother does all the laundry BY HERSELF. (Gasp, Kate. Gasp.) They share a single bathroom... all nine of them. One shower, one toilet. The littlest has her own potty.

Guess what else? They never complain. They never even mention their house. They live together, as one of the closest family units I've ever seen. They're outside often, even the teenagers, playing games with the younger ones. They all get along. The care of the littlest is taken on by not only the parents, but every person in the house. They are happy. They don't ever get freebies or charity. They have one van for a vehicle. They are the greatest, most sincere people I know and I think Kate would be in shock if she ever saw their living space.

That may not be how they should be living (I would trade houses with them in a heartbeat, because they deserve what I'm blessed with more than my family of four does) but they live in it happily.

Their kids are marvelous people, and I am so happy to get to be a part of their lives.

That is how it should be, Kate. You complain about raising eight kids who get to go everywhere, do everything, and get everything? These kids have never been out of the state they're in, never been to an amusement park, and their fourteen year old daughter has a disease close to epilepsy. Guess what else, Queen Bee? I haven't heard a SINGLE complaint.

Anonymous said...

I am reading all of these "how we manage to live in our modest houses" posts with great interest. It just makes me more upset with J&K.

You know, you can live in a box if that's what you can afford (big exaggeration, but I'm trying to make a point.)

I am recently divorced (just months ago), 2 teens, stayed at home for 15 yrs, have been applying for EVERY job I can (and I don't expect to walk into a corporate position, lol!), and living very very simply.

This is not the life I envisioned when I got married, BUT I am debt free because I scaled my life WAAAAY back in order to survive and most of all, thrive. My ex had to re mortgage to the hilt because the big house with the pool represents success to him. He is struggling to make ends meet on over $100,000 per year, while I am doing fine on 1/5 of that. I give to charity and also give away my children's gently used clothing. No consignment for me. I do not take handouts or welfare: my income right now is based on child support that is mandated by law based on his income. I will never make what he does, as I gave up my law school education to care for the babies and him. ( I went back to university to do a master's degree last year, part time, and worked my buns off to get a full scholarship to cover those expenses).

But I want to work, as I feel it is only fair to contribute to society and (as much as it kills me to admit it) to reduce his monthly payments which may reduce his stress an hopefully that would trickle down to the kids. I could stay home for the next 10 years if I chose to do so, but that's not the way I roll (my dd told me never to use that phrase in public, but oh well! You won't tell on me, will you? lol)I think that my ex is one disaster away from a rude awakening (i.e. if one of his cars is no longer repairable). It might just be the straw that forces him to scale back as well.

My children and I live in a small 4 bedroom home that is just under 1000 sq ft. and I managed to completely pay for in one year. Yes, I did without, but what is more important? New clothes, or freedom? To me, I am grateful that my kids are healthy, I am comfortable, have lots of savings and retirement funds, can take my kids on vacation for the first time in their lives, and have all of the other amenities in life. I do covet a dishwasher, however. But I have a sink, hot water, and two hands, so although I could buy 10 of them if I so desired, I feel it is unnecessary at this time. My children are learning that living with dad during his week in "the big house" is not all it's cracked up to be. He is uber stressed, works very long hours, and has little time for them.

I guess what I am saying is, that although I don't have 8 kids, if we can live very well on 300 sq ft per person by making wise financial choices and sacrifices, J&K could do the same in no more that 4000 sq ft and a decent job (a nurse's salary would suffice).

Jon and Kate need to spend a week or a month with someone like me and some of you others, who are very content, work hard to be hands on moms, and make sure that the basics are covered. Is the word BUDGET in their vocabulary? I know Jon wouldn't know how to spell it, but "we should still do the best I can" and learn what it means.

Blessings to all of you who are struggling but doing it, and to those of you who have worked hard for what you have.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the poster who mentioned that the camera crew takes up a lot of space in the home. Get rid of them, and all of a sudden, it's like you added two rooms of space!

Anonymous said...

A Christmas Club is a bank account that earmarked for Christmas spending. Yo start the 1st of every November, make a small deposit each week, then the first week of the following November your bank sends you a check for the amount deposited, plus (minimal) interest.

Years ago there was the free gift each year for starting one, set of steak knives, toaster, something along those lines.

When toys were less complicated I could go the $5 a week and cover Christmas gifts with the check. With the things out there for kids today that would hardly do it. It didn't when mine were teenagers, but it did take a big chunk of worry off when Christmas shopping time came around.

The kids also got a box of thank you cards in their stockings every year, and were expected to have those written to family and friends before New Years. I am betting the G kids never learn to write a thank you note.

The thank you note was a much hated tradition I carried from my own childhood, but I have to admit it was something that turned out to be a valuable lesson.

Chris said...

Some banks offer Christmas Club/Vacation Club programs. It's where $X is taken out of your account and put in a special account for 10 months or so. At the end of the time the bank issues you a check for the money.

IMHO said...

I would dare to say that any of us, with computers, internet access, climate controlled homes, electricty, phones, clothes, beds, roofs over our head - none of us have physical needs. We confuse the two living in a civilized society. To be sure - there are plenty of areas of definate need right here in the US, let alone many places in the world. Hey - I, you - all of us are probably guilty of mis-using the phrase "need" - sayings things like:

"My cell phone broke, I need a new one."

"My computer is slow - I really NEED a new one!".

"I need another car."

We don't NEED these things - we WANT them because they enhance our lives. I don't feel guilty about that as long I don't confuse need with want, don't live outside of my means, and, when able, give to those truly in need.

And THAT'S my BIGGEST problem with this family. They are asking people to fund their lifestyle through pity. "Please pay for a piece of me" (pictures, my gracing you with my presence, etc.). "God wanted me to have these 8 kids, and since I listened to His will, he wants YOU to make our lives just dandy!" Fess up!!! You are living out your 15 minutes and taking advantage of this windfall. Go to these churches and witness to what you have been blessed with. Speak for FREE! Praise God that you no longer need a thing! People will come to hear you and they'll still watch the show. Right now, you are con artists who are secretly "just to busy being fabulous"!

Hey - if you want to be a TV star and make money - go for it. The Friends stars EACH made 1 Million for each episode their last season. Didn't bug me a bit - I enjoyed the show! 8000sf house? OK - if someone wants to give it to you - great. Right time - right place. Go out on speaking tours- tell people how you made it in the bigs. Plenty of people apparently don't mind the exploitation of your kids, so hey - earn up that future therapy money. College funds - oh puhleeeas! For heavens sake - college is NOT A NEED!!!!!!! Heck - you got 8 kids. If, by then, you are back to your working man's income, they can go to a bank, get loans, and pay them back. If they aren't approved for loans by then, apparently, Jon and Kate, you STILL won't have any NEEDS!

Anonymous said...

I think raising seven kids in a one bedroom apartment is selfish. Sorry, that's just how I see it.

Especially since as it appears above NONE of the children were multiples. Those parents kept having children KNOWING they didn't have adequate space for them.

It is completely different to be "surprised by a multiple pregnancy" and have a space crunch, then to continue to have kids knowing you don't have space for them. Those parents are selfish.

Of course those kids don't complain. Most poor kids don't complain to their parents. What good would it do?

Anonymous said...

I believe it is a four bedroom apt.

The girls shared one room.
The two boys each have a room.
Parents have the baby crib in their room.

That's 4 bedrooms. It maybe a little cramped, but it's not selfish.

I've always had an enormous problem with people who think that childrens' happiness has anything to do with the physical quality of the home that they live in (the exceptions of course being conditions of squalor or a property that is structurally unsafe). While I believe that every person in the family should have their own bed, I think it's great when two or more kids share a room. I shared a room with 3 sisters and we had lots of fun.

A girl I knew in high school, who grew up just as modestly, married someone who made some good money and they had two kids. Once they got divorced, she insisted that she and her girls live in the same quality home that they had moved out of. The fact that she didn't have a job and was living on spousal and child support payments didn't matter. Well, she bought her fancy house, (she insisted on marble floors....for the children, of course.) Ended up in bankruptcy after she furnished it properly and ended up moving back home into her parents house... where she started.

I applaud that family for living within their means.

Steph said...

Anonymous 7:46,
Which family has seven kids in a one bedroom apartment? I believe the family that anonymous 10:46 is talking about has an apartment with FOUR bedrooms-the parents & toddler in one, the girls in one, one adult son in one and the teen son in one.

Also, Jon and Kate had sextuplets with no income coming in at all. Neither one was employed. The ONLY reason they survived, ACCORDING TO THEM, was from the help of strangers (financially and by helping with the kids) and the "magic couch." The taxpayers also paid for the Medicaid, so they had no medical bills for the tups. So, that doesn't sound like great planning, either...
There are many reasons why people end up in crunches. You don't know that this family COULDN'T afford 7 children when they had them. Things happen...
The bottom line, for me anyway, is that the Gosselins are NOT paying for their children. They only survived the first year because of the generosity of strangers and the government. Now, they are selling their kids' childhoods to cover the next few years, and I don't think they have thought through what they are going to do when the show ends...but I think "God" has blessed them quite enough, and maybe He wants to help people who really ARE in poverty, whose babies are hungry and who are on the brink of homelessness. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

(I'm the anon who wrote about the seven kids)

They have enough money for their children's happiness... they made the choice to have that many kids, and they wouldn't change them. Also, they have twins (multiples.) Their house is cramped, but the reason they don't complain is because they're not unhappy with it. The kids never gotten less than any normal kid. They have good grades, and will have the opportunity to go to college. What I was trying to point out was, even though they don't have all the space in the world or all the money in the world, they're happy with the way they live. They're not extremely poor, but it's not as if they're rich, either. They've also had a lot of medical costs, which I'm sure hasn't helped them.

The parents having seven kids wasn't unreasonable, either, considering the age differences. I also think the youngest one wasn't exactly planned (vasectomy didn't work).

Cal said...

I'm right smack dab in the middle of 5 (yes, I know it's not 8) and we grew up in your typical middle class 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house. Would it have been more comfortable in a bigger house with bigger rooms and a bigger yard? Probably. But we were happy. We knew how to give each other space and we played well together.

I know that in the house that the Gosselins are in now, the little girls have their own room, the little boys have their own room, the twins have their room and the parents have their own room and bathroom. They have a huge back yard they hardly ever play in...what's the deal? It seems like their current setup is fine...

(Sorry if this comment is all over the place...I'm trying to type this out quickly)

SmartyQ said...

but let's remember, if TLC is building you the house free and clear, why wouldn't you want 8000 sf? If someone else was footing the bill I'd take the big house too.
TLC is not a pseudonym for the St Francis of Assisi Society. It's a for-profit business and, as such, expects to make money in return for its investment.

The bank isn't being nice if it gives you a toaster for opening an account with a minimum deposit of, say, $300. It didn't take $300 and put it in some money room where you can visit it, count it, stroke it. Your money is working hard for the bank, and it's doing it behind your back.

The bank purchases $1 million (including your $300) of Kum-Qats (K-Q), the currency of Poplavovia, when the exchange rate is two K-Q = $1. When the exchange rate is favorable to the bank, it will sell or trade its K-Qs, give you a penny in interest, keep the rest and laugh all of the way to its money room. Lesson: Nothing is free.

and I don't think 800 sf per person is all that large.
Gee willikins, I had a rotten childhood, and I didn't even know it. Ma and Pa, we need to have a serious talk.

Anonymous said...

Was is just us, or do most people try to only have the number of children that THEY CAN AFFORD??

My husband and I have been married for 25 years---and we had 2 children when we were in our 20's. We would have loved to have had more children---But we couldn't afford more. We knew how much it costs to raise a child from birth through college---And 2 was all that WE could reasonably give a good standard of living and reasonable privledges in their lives. If we had been willing to live off the government or from the kindness of others---We could have had a dozen. But responsible parents don't do that.

I understand that anyone can be caught off guard by spontaneous multiples. But women who take fertility drugs know the risks of having HOM.

And I will admit that I RESENT the fact that J&K have chosen to deceive the 'Christian market'! The 'love offerings' are collected and given to this 'needy family'. It is a sham! And I'm sure that most people who fill the audience actually STILL BELIEVE that they are needy. Our church helps the truely needy---And no one that receives that help looks remotely like this family.

It's sad that they are pimping their children so that they will never have to work and have the best of everything. It's sad that they are being rewarded for being irresponsible.

What are they going to do with the tups start 'real school'? The film crew will be living with them in order to get enough footage to continue to produce their show. I'm sure that the twins will enjoy having the film crew in class with them.....Should be interesting!!!

Anonymous said...

I can tell you why I wouldn't want a 8000sq. ft. house if someone gave it to me. The upkeep, the electric bill and the taxes. Someday the show will end and the money will run out. How are two people with no jobs going to keep up this house? I think someone donated a house to the Dilly's and they had to sell it because they couldn't afford to keep it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Was is just us, or do most people try to only have the number of children that THEY CAN AFFORD??

When I was younger I told myself I would only have children when I was financially able. I wanted them to have a good life, not a struggling life. Yes, I had a plan.

As it turned out I didn't marry and, consequently, never had children. I have regrets that I didn't have the four, beautiful boys I wanted, and often it breaks my heart; gosh, they would be here with me now! But that was God's plan for my life, and I've finally accepted it. Not everyone has children. (I really question all this fertility stuff, twins, multiples; why not just play the hand you're dealt?)

But when I see bratty, ill-behaved children, I wonder sometimes if I wasn't the lucky one after all.

Lonnyswife said...

Perhaps to go along with the Quote of the Week (which of course happens after the fact) we could also have a "Need of the Week" wherein we all make a wild guess at what item Kon will mention needing a new of on the new episodes.
This house is sooooo small. I need a new one.
I've always hated this camera. I need a new one.
I've always wanted to live at the beach. I need a beach house.
I need to adopt. The show must go on!!!
Between that and taking a shot everytime Kate hits Jon we could actually make that Monday time slot fun again.......

Anonymous said...

I grew up in a family with seven kids. At one time we had all seven ranging from newborn all the way up to 18 years old.

My mom owned her own business, small town, so not all that profitable. She also sold Avon & cleaned my grandmothers home.

My Dad, after being let go from his agriculture based job in the 80's went to work at a manufacturing plant & he is still there. At the height of the family, he also had a part time job at a full servic gas station.

We lived in a four bedroom, 1.5 bathroom house. Our parents STILL live there & now that everyone is getting married & having families, holidays are INCREDIBLY cramped.

We were all expected to get jobs at 16. You then paid for your own clothing, your own gas & chipped in for auto insurance. Our family had two vehicles. A van & a car. When you turned 16, you got the car the folks were driving (they NEVER bought new cars). They would then buy a newer car and drove that until the next kid was born.

We never "needed" anything. We never went without. We NEVER asked for help from anybody. My parents worked hard to support their family. And in doing so, instilled a rock solid work ethic in each & everyone of us.

Just to keep it in perspective, my youngest brother just graduated high school. And this is the first year in over THIRTY years, that my mother did not have to prepare for "Back to School".

AnnaK said...

I've read all these posts and one thing missing is the fact that owning a home is not a need. Is it nice, yes. But a need, no. Having a place to live is a need. You need somewhere to live.

The thinking that everyone should own a home is the reason why a lot of people are in trouble right now. The Gosselins don't need a larger home, that is obvious. Does anyone NEED a very large home, IMHO, no.

Anonymous said...

My mother grew up as one of 10 children, no multiples. Still 8 girls and 2 boys in a small 1 level home with 3 bedrooms-- and yes because this was the 60's, because we are catholic, and because my grandmother is ignorant (she was afraid of having "sissies") all 8 girls had to share one bedroom of wall to wall bunkbeds. I am sure this is difficult enough for multiples to endure, but imagine one of the 'tups thrown in with a bunch of unsympathetic teenagers (yeah, we are NOT the Duggars).

From what I have heard and observed of my family members, lack of space has never been of primary concern when speaking to what was lacking in their childhoods. The absence of regular one-on-one attention and affection however, were.

Just something for the Gosselins to keep in mind.

Anonymous said...

I have five siblings. No one ever gave my parents anything. We lived in a two bedrom house for several years. My grandmother shared one bedroom with the baby. I shared the other bedroom with two of my sisters. My parents slept on a sofa bed in the living room. Another sister slept in the dining room. My youngest sister hadn't been born yet. The house didn't seem too small. I have fond memories of living in that house. The house was downtown, on the same block with stores. We were forced to move from that house. The city tore down all of the houses on the block and replaced the houses with a parking lot. The Gosselin's house is big enough. If Kate Gosselin ever saw any homeless people, she still wouldn't be grateful for what she has.

Anonymous said...

Is Figure 8 moving on?:


Who among us hasn't had the fleeting thought of selling it all, quitting the day-job and hitting the road. This is the story of a family who did just that. The LOUD family sold their house, most of their stuff, and loaded up an RV that was the size of their former master bedroom. With a teen, a tween, two rambunctious boys, a slightly reticent dad and a sometimes free-wheelin' but strict mom, the fun, friction and humor are all cued up and ready to roll. Look for the LOUD family later this year on TLC."

AND a Special on Discovery health about a family with not 1, but 6, yes, count 'em SIX kids with apparent autism...


Having a child with autism is certainly a challenge. Imagine having six children all with some form of autism. You will meet such a family, the Kirtons from Utah in an upcoming Discovery Health Channel special later this year. The Kirtons will also be part of another special hour we are producing about autism."

Anonymous said...

BRAVO!!!!!!! I couldn't have said it better myself!!!!!

Jan said...

I'm confused about something: I know that everyone has videos going round, clips from previous shows. Was there, or is there a clip that I can view about when the church folks helped and renovated the Gosselin's first home? People have said something about murals on the walls of the kids' room and that Kate thought they might be scary or something similar. This sounds just VAGUELY familiar to me. Was this one of the very first times they were filmed before or after the birth? Can someone straighten me out on this? I haven't seen any reruns of this; and yet it rings a bell with me. Can it be viewed now?
Thank you for taking the time to answer me.

Anonymous said...

The Dilley's house was not donated. It was build for them 'at cost'. They still had a mortgage. And yes, from what I remember it got too expensive to keep up and they wanted to shorten the commute to work to save gas money as well.

Anonymous said...

Interesting..Up the road from us is a couple with 7 kids who love in a modest 2 story house. They have an above ground pool that takes up the entire backyard so the kids will have something to do in our small town. Seems to me people CAN live without a mansion.

linnea said...

Jan said
"I'm confused about something: I know that everyone has videos going round, clips from previous shows. Was there, or is there a clip that I can view about when the church folks helped and renovated the Gosselin's first home?"

From accounts I have read, Kon's church had already been planning to renovate their home in anticipation of the tups arrival. A new TV show that was set to start airing that fall called "Home Delivery" contacted them and wanted to help with the renovations. Home Delivery was sort of an 'Extreme Makeover' on a low budget show and it aired during the daytime. It's long since been cancelled. In interviews, Jon was excited because Home Delivery was going to able to procure higher quality materials for the project, all donated by their manufacturers. As we've all read in the Reading Eagle blog, an anonymous poster who claimed to be a reporter and was there for the reveal claimed Kate was less than appreciative (imagine that!) when the cameras were turned off. Here is an excerpt from an August 12th, 2004 article in the Patriot News.

"They were filmed for a television show, "Home Delivery," which will debut in the fall, and which helped with the makeover of their house.
Jonathan Gosselin eventually concluded the show was more concerned about ratings than the reality of caring for sextuplets. The sextuplets came home to bright lights and cameras, and he said he regrets participating. He still expects the show to air.

It's clear Jon made this statement when he still had a conscience.

I don't know if there are any clips of this out there, I haven't looked. It would be entertaining if there are, seeing Kate's fake appreciation and knowing what she really thought.

Manda said...


This is just a comment posted on an article from the Reading Eagle way back in 2005, so take it for what it's worth, but supposedly it is Kate's reaction to the home makeoever they received:

I was at the house the day the television crew came to film "Home Delivery" and I was just appalled at things that were said by Kate once the cameras were turned off and she thought her voice couldn't be heard. She complained about the nursery saying the murals would scare her kids and that the twin’s room was "horrendously horrendous"...a phrase I just can't forget. She then went on to say "thanks for nothing..." I couldn't believe my ears and I am not a naive person.


(That comment is stamped May 21, 2005 01:57 AM. You should go there to read EVERYTHING this person said about their interaction with the Gosselins. Also, Jon makes an appearance in those comments.)

Bicoastal said...

Anon asked "Is Figure 8 moving on?"

Two new shows -- "Introducing the Louds" and "Autism x 6" (the Kirton family with six autistic kids).

Quick word of advice to Mr. & Mrs. Kirton - run away as fast as you can; the carrion birds are at your door.

Figure 8's "About Us" link still contains this pompous statement: "We consider ourselves "caretakers" of these people's stories."

Caretakers to Kate & Jon's KON job? Not only has Figure 8 encouraged the sham by feeding the beast(K&J's hollow egos), they film the sham; they profit from what they know to be ongoing lies (and yeah, the sins of omission count here) and serious family, friend, and community alienation.

Caretakers? Please. Fly away vultures; just fly away.

linnea said...

Hi Manda!

I have read the Reading Eagle blog, it is fascinating and I am so glad it's still available. Many other accounts of the Gosselins that portrays them in a less than perfect light have mysteriously disappeared.

The fans of J&K+8 number one accusation to we non-fans, is that we are just jealous of their perks & freebies. The Reading blog is a perfect example of how much people disliked Kon even when they didn't have a pot to p*** in. I love the post where someone asked how it was possible that in almost every interview they gave they were misquoted.

sabrinasmom said...

It's clear Jon made this statement when he still had a conscience.

Let's not give him too much credit. IIRC either in the article itself or a message board, Jon complained because he received a 1099 form for all of the cost. He was "led to believe" that all this great stuff was going to be "free".


I guess Jon didn't or doesn't understand there is no such thing as a free lunch.

A "gift" or "donation" is an oxymoron in the IRS dictionary.

Barbara said...

I just tried to read the Reading Eagle blog and it said the page was unavailable. Any ideas how to access it other than the address given?

Meggersuit said...

I am not a fan of the way Kate throws around the word need. I personaly need water, I need food, I need shelter, I need love, but I want more money, I want to go on vacation, I want to live happily ever after married to a famous actor and live in the Hamptons. Wants are something that most people work hard for in order to achieve and Kate seems to have forgotten that. It bugs me when I watch an episode and Kate says she needs more space or she needs a larger house because the one she has isn't cutting it. I feel like it makes people watching begin to feel sorry for her and start to buy into GosselinGate 2008. I think it would make me feel better if she would just say, "you know what, we WANT a bigger house because we can have it!" It's the truth, it's not dumbed down, and it's honest. I feel like Kate NEEDS to open her eyes and re-examine what her needs actually are. Perhaps she NEEDS a reality check? Perhaps she NEEDS someone to show her the beauty of those children and all that she could be missing out on? I know I want to stop watching the show for my sanity but I feel like I need to or else I'll miss it when Ashton Kutcher comes out and yells that we've all just been punked by Jon and Kate.

Anonymous said...

Goodness, my dad grew up with 8 siblings (all living at home) in a 1000 sq ft., 3 bed house. They just had to play outside to make room. Amazingly enough, they all grew up to be happy, well adjusted adults who unconditionally love each other.

Munchkn said...

Barbara said:
I just tried to read the Reading Eagle blog and it said the page was unavailable. Any ideas how to access it other than the address given?

8/24/2008 11:02 AM

If you maximize this page, you can more easily copy the entire web addy. I got to the Reading Eagle page just fine when I did that.

K.C. said...

I agree with the original poster, TR. Somewhere along the line the word need has replaced the word want. Annak, you are so right! Owning a home is not a need.

My mother grew up in a 9,000+ sq ft home that consisted of two parents and three children. They had summer homes, a yacht, a plane, and a gardener. My grandfather was in the hotel business and my grandmother has never worked. My grandparents were fortunate enough to be able to travel around the world, (a group of the franchise owners and their wives took trips together). Unfortunately, the children were pretty much raised by nannies. My point is, even though my mother and her siblings had parents who paid for their college educations and bought them new cars, if you asked any of them if they had a happy childhood, the answer would be unanimous--no. As adults, they are all very successful in business, however; they are unsuccessful in relationships. My mother, my aunt and my uncle have each been divorced twice and they all have abandonment issues. It's not the 'things' that matter in life. All 3 children say they would have traded the 'things' for more of their parents company. Were they loved? Yes. Were the nurtured? No, not enough, and certainly not by the right people. So anyone who thinks it's OK for J&K to travel all over the place for these speaking engagements or thinks that a bigger house will help this family needs to think again.

Anonymous said...

I still don't understand why Kate doesn't let them get dirty because of them messing up their clothes, its not like they spent money on them [clothes].

Anonymous said...

Why do J & K feel they are so deserving of all these vacations as of recent? They recently spent a two week 'working vacation' (although it appeared to be more play than work) in a private cottage in NC and a little over a month later they are jetting setting off to spend two weeks at a 5 star private resort in Hawaii? Typical day in the life of? or exploitation of children at its finest?!

TSH said...

On the Gosselins website they have a link for "OUR FAVORITE BUSINESSES", It should say "BUSINESSES THAT GIVE US FREEBIES" or better yet

That's why these companies are the
Gosselins favorite.

Anonymous said...

That house they have would be fine. There is an EXTREME waste of space. What about that bedroom off the kitchen, which has 2 desks in it for the twins. Why don't they make that the twins bedroom as well. I'm sure they would be more than happy to have their own space away from the tups upstairs. Those rooms upstairs are HUGE. If necessary they could even subdivide those rooms as the tups got bigger and needed more privacy. Then there is the downstairs. Alexis is there already. A bedroom or two could even be sectioned off down there. As a previous poster said, it is WANT not NEED, which J&K cannot separate.

Anonymous said...

Get the cameras, lights, and all of the production crew out of the house and see how much more space there will be.

Becky said...

I heard this and was wondering if it is true: Did Kate say that the reason the government (in reference to the nurse issue) should pay for her children is because society promotes the use of fertility treatments??

As if she didn't know the risks.....PLEASE she was an obstetrics nurse!

I have come to REALLY dislike this show!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 7:00 pm - do we know each other? LOL Because I am the oldest of 8 and grew up with only 1 bathroom and we never all fit into one car. There are 5 boys and 3 girls in our family and even once we built into our attic - we still had less than 3000 sq feet. Though - I was out of the house by the late 80's

You know - 6 all the same age would be miserable the first few years - but after they head off to school and are more independent (ie: potty trained and able to dress themselves) they pretty much are going to be like any big family. In some ways - even though those first few years would be really hard - once you were through them, you're through. I have six kids ranging in age from 18 months to 14 years and I have been changing diapers solid for the last 14 years. I still have 4 more years before the youngest goes to school- so I'll have been waiting for 18 years to finally have the time to catch up on the laundry!

Really - once they head off to school, Kate's days are gonna change dramatically. What are she and Jon going to do all day?

mlou said...

Okay, I have to ask? I saw above that the Hayes family has two sets of twins and then the tups. I could have swore on one epi that Kate claimed they were so "special" because they were the only family in America that already had a set of multiples when they had the tups. Did I misunderstand her or was this just another one of Kate's whoppers?

Anonymous said...

Same thing they do now. Boss around the hired help and read message boards and blogs.

Anonymous said...

Really - once they head off to school, Kate's days are gonna change dramatically. What are she and Jon going to do all day?


They will try to make more money mak- I mean babies. This time it will be without fertility drugs *wink* *wink* I can see it already:
Kate: This is such a gift from God. These triplets were conceived naturally! Naturally I tell you! They were!! I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU THINK!
Jon: But alas, how could we possibly afford more babies......

Anonymous said...

Holy moly. Thats all I can say. I have been thinking all of these things discussed on this blog for some time but had no idea that anyone felt as strongly (and more) than I do!
About that house. 8000 sq feet? Seriously? Not that I agree with their "reality TV" lifestyle, but if they choose to continue it I can see the wisdom in a bit of a larger house that has a more open floor plan. But 8000 sq feet is just plain overkill.
I have one word for this, GREED.
I have a family of 5, granted its half the size of theirs... but does that mean we need a 4000 sq foot home? Ummm, no. In fact up until October of last year our family of 5 rented an 850 sq foot home, only that 850 sq feet was poorly laid out so it felt more like 700 sq feet. We hated it, it was way too small. Then we moved into a 1600 sq foot house and its PLENTY big enough. The boys have a room, our daughter has a room, we have a room, and the spare room (which is actually a formal dining room) is our playroom/office. We are not all over each other. We can all have privacy and our own space. I won't lie, it sure would be nice to add on a master bedroom upstairs and use our current bedroom as a guest room, but that would be a luxury.
But THAT is a modest normal life. Our kids have never been to Disney land, I could desperatly use a tummy tuck (and yes its almost as bad as Kate's was, my second child did a number on me,) my kids have never seen Chocolate world, or a huge beach house...except on TV. We could not even afford a trip to the Zoo that is 100 miles away because it would have involved gas, a motel room for the night and meals on the road. So we skipped it this year. My kids have been begging to go to the Monterey Bay Aqarium for over a year and I don't have time on TV to mention that so someone can donate it to us, so we will wait until we can afford it. My kids clothes are mostly hand-me-downs and I am NOT too proud to accept them and certainly not too proud to GIVE them away to others in need when we are done with them. My kids have no idea what it means to eat "all organic." Ok my oldest does because she asked, and I took the time to show her the price difference between standard groceries and all organic and explained that its just not something we can afford.
BUT we make due. My husband works darn hard to provide for us, I would work too but its not an option for many legit reasons, so I stay home with my kids. We don't collect donations of cash or clothing. No one pays for my family to stay in a multimillion dollar beach home. No one donated a vehicle to us when we outgrew our old one... we simply made very few trips until we were able to secure a larger USED vehicle on our own. No one pays for our food and no one provides us a nanny.
And if someone had been kind enough to give us even a fraction of that stuff we certainly would not be demanding MORE!

Who do they think they are? I'm sorry but they are going way too far. The money they get from just ONE "Love offering" would be enough for any other American family to do things they have been waiting years to do, replace things that have been broken for years, or even get medical attention for those who can't afford it otherwise.

An 8000 sq foot house with aa horse barn and who knows what else... heck I would be happy just to have the broken things in our existing home fixed and updated.

When exactly did Jon and Kate go from grateful parents of sextuplets to exploitation experts? Was there an episode when it all changed or what?

And still they want more.

Anonymous said...

I don't think they were ever particularly grateful, but simply paying lip service in an effort to silence their critics--who they had long before they were ever on television. I don't think one can be truly grateful while still holding out your hand for more after you have enough.

They have a sense of entitlement. I don't understand it, either.

Anonymous said...

I too would like an explanation of why J & K feel they are so entitled. And I dont want to hear the reasoning of ; because they have two sets of multiples = 8 kids either!

Mollybloom said...

I can't watch Kon any more, even to snark. The minute that greedy, ugly couple fills my TV screen, I have to change channels.

Well, I did my duty today. I protested to Good Housekeeping that Kate Gosselin=my canceled subscription + GH-approved-product boycott. I'll be glad to write again in the Letters to the Editor column.

The kids are beautiful, but what immature, ungrateful, deficient parents they got. How sad.

Anonymous said...

Look at what I found:

Praise List





Thank you to all our wonderful, dependable and dedicated volunteers. If it wasn't for all of you who knows where we would be.

Thank you to Willow Street Pictures for the most beautiful photographs ever taken of our family, thanks Darren. http://web.archive.org/web/20051220151055/http://www.willowstreetpictures.com/

Coordinating Outfits for all of the kids - Unlimited Additions - www.twinsclothes.com

6 Infant and 6 Toddler Cars Seats and 2 Toddler Car Seats - Thank you Graco http://web.archive.org/web/20051220151055/http://www.gracobaby.com/

1 Year supply of diapers, $5K in groceries, Parking space - Thank you Giant Foods http://web.archive.org/web/20051220151055/http://www.giantfood.com/

6 High Chairs, 6 Bouncers, 2 Prototype triplet strollers - Thank you Chicco http://web.archive.org/web/20051220151055/http://www.chicco.com/

6 Cribs that turn into beds and layette clothing - Thank you Delta Manufacturing

1 Year supply of baby food, custom engraved spoons, bibs, onesies and $5K Gerber certificates to be used at Giant Foods - Thank you Gerber http://web.archive.org/web/20051220151055/http://www.gerber.com/

Clothing - Thank you Carter's http://web.archive.org/web/20051220151055/http://www.carters.com/

6 month supply of Huggies diapers for each baby - Thank you Kimberly Clark http://web.archive.org/web/20051220151055/http://www.kimberly-clark.com/

Free photo's and detergent - Thank you Sam's Club http://web.archive.org/web/20051220151055/http://www.samsclub.com/

Hershey's Chocolate Baby Announments - Thank you Carson Industries http://web.archive.org/web/20051220151055/http://www.carsonindustries.com/

Desitin - Thank you Pfizer http://web.archive.org/web/20051220151055/http://www.pfizer.com/

Clothing - Thank you Ann Geddes Clothing http://web.archive.org/web/20051220151055/http://www.annegeddes.com/

Clothing and toys - Thank you Boscov's http://web.archive.org/web/20051220151055/http://www.boscovs.com/

We would like to sincerely thank all of you for your prayers, support and donations.

They've had sponsors from day one folks.

IMHO said...

Wow - interesting link! I do not begrudge them for that help from day one - not one bit.

What gave me pause was looking at those early pictures. It was like looking at a "Kinder, Gentler, Gosselin nation". I have to wonder if they look back at those early, frightening, exhausting days and actually have a longing to go back to that life they left behind. I know that sounds weird, but as taxing as it was, it appears it was a simpler life.

I've read the stories and I believe them 100% - how Kate turned on those who helped her back then. I just wonder if they see the mistakes they have made...

Anonymous said...

A mother from Egypt, (who already had three daughters), gave birth to septuplets. The couple lives in a two room mud hut. They want the government to give them an apartment. They remind me of the Gosselins. I also read that the Khamis want the government to give them food and clothes. They want their children to be educated and well-off. They think septuplets will be the gateway to the good life, just like the Gosselins. They had infertility treatments because they wanted a son.

Lonnyswife said...

I saw an article yesterday where Egypt is thinking about regulating it's fertility business. Comment was made that with three daughters the family never should have been allowed to proceed with treatment. Again, reduction wasn't an option due to religious reasons. This is a very poor farm family and yes they have asked the government for help.

Sara said...

RE: "6 Cribs that turn into beds and layette clothing - Thank you Delta Manufacturing"

This is something that has always confused me. I knew those cribs converted into beds, and I couldn't figure out why they went out and bought new beds. The bedrooms are large enough for three beds each. I mean, come one, the boys' room used to have six cribs in it! It was just another episode that was concocted by the writers, all the meanwhile putting a certain little boy's tushy through severe agony.

Anonymous said...

I read that the Egyptian mother had infertility treatments because she hadn't gotten pregnant for five years. An infertility specialist said that didn't mean the 27-year-old woman needed infertility treatments to get pregnant. The neonatal care in Egypt isn't very advanced. The doctors waited until the 34th week to deliver the babies, because the hospitals don't have the equipment to sustain unusually premature babies. I read that some type of infertility injection there can be bought for seven dollars and fifty cents.