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Where’s my post? (aka Why didn’t you publish my post?)
07/24/08 - Read this blog entry for instructions on how to use a nickname or handle when submitting a comment for publication.

07/16/2008 Update- Another update regarding our publishing policies.

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10/13/2008 Update- More info on why posts get published- or not!All comments are published unless they are spam, trolling, or irrelevant to the discussion of the Gosselin family. We don't require an email or even a signature.Comments don't have to be brilliant or profound, but they should be something more substantial than you would type in a chatroom and something civil enough that you would be OK with your Mom reading over your shoulder.All viewpoints regarding the Gosselin family are welcome, but if your comment is nothing more than a diatribe about the sanity of the other people posting here or any variation thereof, it will probably just go into a black hole. Same with quoting Scriptures -- not everyone here is a Christian or even believes in the Christian deity.

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Why did the TWoP thread close?
Basically, TWoP said that they were tired of people not following the rules. They left it open as long as possible because they didn't want to shut it down due to troublemakers breaking the rules on purpose to sabotage it and force them to close it. (Troublemakers being those who did not like the negativity being posted on TWoP.)But they said that it got to the point where, in their opinion, even the "regulars" -- those who should know better -- were repeatedly breaking the rules and they just did not want to devote the manpower to continue to deal with it.You can read our blog entry and comments regarding this topic.

Don’t you have anything better to do than worry about a family on a reality TV show?
Yes, we are quite capable of multi-tasking. In addition to advocating for the Gosselin children and exposing the deceptive practices of their parents, we are raising children, we have jobs, we read, garden, travel, cook, knit, play sports, etc. Not to mention tons of volunteer work of many various kinds. Participating in a blog need not imply that one has "nothing better to do".

Why a blog to spew hate? (aka You’re just jealous!)
The purpose of this blog is not to spew hate; the purpose of this blog is to make sure people know the full story behind the Gosselin family. How they are deceiving the public and robbing their children of a childhood.
What's to envy? We would never be jealous of parents who exploit their children and deceive their fans so as to encourage their "love offerings". We want to be able to sleep at night.

You’re just a bunch of ol’ cat ladies with no kids of your own, right?
Wrong. Some of us do have pets. Most of us are parents and grandparents with busy, fulfilling lives -- including careers in Social Work and in the Family Courts as Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA workers). Some of us also have careers in the field of law. In fact, many of us are quite highly educated... masters, law degrees, and beyond.Of course, an education doesn't automatically impute wisdom or credibility, but we certainly aren't forming our opinions in a vacuum. Our mutual concern for the welfare of children in general causes us to be deeply disturbed by the exploitation of the Gosselin children.

If it bothers you so much, why watch it? Doesn’t that make you part of the exploitation? (aka Just change the channel!)
We can't challenge what we don't know. The best way to advocate for the children is to know what is happening in their lives. If the exploitation of the Gosselin children is never challenged, it will set a dangerous precedent for other children that come after them. We think it is better to try to get it nipped in the bud than to look the other way. Also, we do make it a point to note who the show's sponsors are and boycott them.

What’s wrong with freebies?
Nothing at all- unless you have to...

  • pimp out your kids to get them.
  • force your kids to work in front of cameras three, four or even more days a week, all day long, just to get them.
  • deny your children basic human privacy and dignity to get them and you begin to expect them and feel entitled to them or owed them, and the ones that aren't "good enough" for you get criticized or outright rejected.
Why worry about the Gosselin kids when other kids are worse off?
People can worry about more than one child at a time. Worrying about the Gosselin children does not preclude worrying about other children, or other weighty issues in general. The damage done to exploited children is not always manifested by bruises, broken bones, or other physical evidence. In fact, emotional abuse is the most insidious and resistant to healing, often marginalized by people with the attitude that children being beaten, starved, or molested have it "worse".

Gosselin Facts

This blog is operated by a group of viewers of the TV show Jon & Kate Plus 8 who are interested in researching the information announced by TLC, Discovery, and Jon and Kate Gosselin and verifying it's accuracy and correlation to the show and Jon and Kate's speaking engagements. All statements included herein are the opinions of the posters and are solely to be interpreted as such.

Of particular concern is that people who make less money than the Gosselins hear them speak at churches talking about their poor times when the sextuplets were born and donate to them. What these people don't tend to realize is that the Gosselins get all or almost all the sextuplets clothes donated to them, get all kinds of other free help because of the TV show, and are paid quite handsomely for producing the TV show. In other words they have in the past and are now begging for money from people who have less than they do and have no compunction whatsoever about it. In Kate's own words: "Who am I to tell them no?" Well we don't think Kate should be asking in the first place.

They not only have a minimum charge and minimum number of people for church engagements, they now are selling cheap postcards of the family at inflated prices. They have a book coming out in the fall. What will they stoop to next to raise money from the unsuspecting? Why don't they get real jobs?