Once again - why comments get rejected

These are just a few of the reasons: profanity (if I'm on duty :)), not using capitalization and punctuation, telling us to get a life, thinking we're all Christians here and telling us what to do about it, me too comments, overly excited and full of capital letters and exclamation points, calling people names, saying the children should be taken away or need therapy, saying a person will gladly adopt a child, being rude to another poster or the mods, stating that someone is mentally ill (including narcissistic) and/or prescribing treatment, suggesting Kate is pregnant without substantial proof, saying people are just jealous, telling us we are evil or mean, etc. I could probably list many more.

Also please state your opinions without trying to tell other people how to think, what to do, or that they are wrong, stupid, etc. Let's all try to avoid talking about the children in a bashing type way and try to avoid getting mired down in triva.

Those of you who have been at TWoP will remember what boards on boards means. Talking about this board or another board is not the issue of why we are here. Neither is the discussion of moderators or what one or another of them said. Asking how a post or opinion relates to child exploitation will also probably be rejected.

Tonight I've rejected more than I've approved I think so I thought a few people might want an explanation. Comments and prospective posts that discuss the show both pro and con are welcome and appreciated. Please just give them a once over to see that generally they follow normal grammar and spelling and add to the conversation. Too often we'll be reading a comment and just one sentence goes too far and gets it rejected.

I also want to remind our gentle readers that we cannot edit comments. Our only choices are post and reject. So if there is one bit of bad in with a lot of good, it still will likely not go through. I do wish Blogger offered an edit feature.

We don't publish comments advocating petitions or other internet sites unless it is for an article or video among other things we won't put through. Also we may not publish comments listing appearances as we are not an information site for Jon and Kate's PR team.

If you have questions about why a comment did not go through, please send the comment to one of the administators. We can not respond to you from comments sent through blogger.

Usually the complaints of why did my comment get rejected or removed say something like I didn't use swear words or say anything bad about anyone. There is more to rejecting a comment than that. Deliberately trying to start an argument, too much boards on boards, or generally being condescending or obnoxious are not going to work well either. I think most people who send a comment about a comment that was rejected or removed instead of an email, really know why it happened.

Recently we've had a few posters using one of the Gosselin children's names as part of their signature. Would you please select another name? In particular names that are negative about one of the children may result in your comment being rejected.

Thank you.